Anthony Hed | Monomania

Uncle Singer Production 2017
Regia e post produzione – Ila Scattina
Secondo Operatore – Rocco Bergamelli
Assistenti – Emilio Pastorino, Teo Airoldi
Timelapse – Emilio Pastorino
Artista: Anthony Hed –
Titolo: Monomania


No worst than monomania,
Drag myself to nowhere,
Washing out my face,
To take off my disgrace,
Love to find my body out of phase

And when I see you running,
Tram passing over,
You sing in the rain,
But I’m still insane,
Scrapers in my head,
Bloom again.

Step aside I let her pass,
And once again,
Well all the time she breaks the spell,
All your fake reasons wrong.

No worst than monomania,
Mental distortion,
Washing out my face,
But I’m still the same,
Scrapers in my head,
Bloom again.

Step aside as I did before,
Live a life watching down,
Every moment yours but not mine,
And I do it again, again, again.
Crazy lights to the boulevard,
Will not take away the idea